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November 9, 2023

Are you ready to birth your book?

I wrote my first book in 2006...and it was purely by accident. At the time, I had a faith-based magazine that featured the “faith stories” of real - life local women. In the back of the magazine, I shared short fictional stories written to encourage and inspire my readers . After a few issues, I started to realize that I was getting more emails and text messages about the fiction pieces than about the real life stories.! So, I decided to publish those fictional short stories into a compilation for women of faith. And, just in time for Chistmas, my first book, The Presents of God was born.

I have birthed 6 other books since then - 3 of them planned, 3 of them accidental. Sometimes you intentionally set out to bless the world, other times, God puts something inside of you, and you didn’t even know it was there until it’s time to birth it!

Whether you’ve been planning your book for many years, or you feel this sudden tug to deliver something beautiful into this world - whatever your situation, I am ready to share with you my step-by-step process to writing your first (or next)!

I won’t tell you that writing a book is “easy”. It’s not. But, the hardest part of writing and self-publishing your first book is actually committing to the process! Sitting down and pouring out what’s inside of you is the most difficult part of the journey. Once you know what to do, and when to do it, the rest of it is pretty straightforward.

In this 90-minute, $67 Masterclass, I am going to share with you:

  • My 7-step process to write, publish, and promote your book
  • (10) Creative ways to market your book once you’ve already birthed it
  • My “Birth that Book Checklist” - so you will always know where you are in the process, and what’s left for you to do

Whether you are writing a small, inspirational book, an ebook, a fictional compilation, a book of devotionals, or a non-fiction “how to” book, this 90-minute masterclass will help you finally get it done! Yes, it may take time, energy and effort, and it will feel like hard work to write it, but think of the JOY you will feel when the world is blessed by the message you have to share...

“A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.” Jn16:21

Ulonda D. Drayton - Author of “Navigate Your Life”

“That FIA Coach Lit a fire up under me... I birthed my book in 90 days.”

Sometimes you don’t realize what you are really made of, what story you carry on the inside, or how to even articulate and bring that story to life. Well, LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts aka That FIA Coach lit a fire up under me. I birthed my book in 90 days...content created, book written, and published, book sales & signing events booked (3 of them!). That FIA Coach ignited my fire!!!

Ulonda D. Drayton, Your Life Navigator

Tyesha Roman - Author of “Silent Power”

“God sent you to bring out the best in me...”

“ life, business, faith and success began to grow the minute we started coaching together. God sent you to bring out the best in me, and that you have, and continue to do! Coach, we are on book #2, can you believe it?! Keep pulling out the best in us. You are the best coach on the planet!!”

Tyesha Roman, Boss Lady

Again, the hardest part of writing and self-publishing your first book is actually committing to the process! Ulonda, and dozens of other clients, were able to write, publish and promote their books in less than 90 days. And, if you put your mind to it, you can, too.

Are you ready to finally sit down and pour out? Are you ready to check this dream off of your to-do list - actually make it a reality, something you’ve done, not just talked about doing? If you’re ready to birth what God has placed within you, invest in yourself and start the new year as a self-published author. Registration is open until the class is full. Limited to 20.

And, because I always reward my faith-is-ACTION-takers, I will do a 30-minute book planning session with the first 2 registrants - we’ll talk through your framework and make sure that content is airtight! There’s no time like the present, right? Get comfy, grab some coffee, and let’s get to work. You have a book to birth. Register below.

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